Wrong fuel recovery

wrong fuel recovery


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Put the wrong fuel in your car?

If you have put unleaded in a diesel, or diesel in an unleaded vehicle, the consequences can be dire if not attended to as quickly as possible.

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Misfuelling can seriously damage your engine, causing many thousands of pounds in repair costs.  If your wrong fuel mishap is reported to your dealer, in most cases your warranty will be voided until all contaminated parts are replaced.  We can be with you within 30-50 minutes, we will drain your tank and flush the fuel lines and you will be on your way in no time.  What's more, no one will know difference, not even you.

Using us will save you from:

Salvage costs

Long delays

Expensive Garage repairs

Anxiety of the unknown mounting bills

Wrong fuel drain procedures

In our initial conversation with you we will fact find to understand your specific circumstances.  These circumstances could be as follows:

Wrong fuel recovery (at a petrol services centre)

wrong fuel recoveryIn these circumstances the services manager would normally assess your situation for danger to human life and act to reduce that danger until we are able to assist you.

When we arrive at your location we will firstly report to the services manager and show our SPA licence which ensures that we have been trained in the latest fuel handling safety guides, ensuring health and safety comes first. We will also present documentation of equipment which conforms to the latest standards of safety under Atex approvals. Along with this, they will be given a copy of our health and safety procedures.

Having been cleared to work on your vehicle, we will assess the safety situation and move your vehicle to what we call a safe zone (if not already done). Your vehicle will then be cordoned off with safety cones and you will be made safe. At that stage we will commence to DRAIN THE WRONG FUEL.

Having ascertained that you have not started the vehicle, nor turned on the ignition, we will DRAIN YOUR TANK. If the contaminated fuel has gone through into the fuel pump, the fuel will in most cases be removed from that source. Your vehicle will then be able to be re-fuelled and your wrong fuel righted.

Wrong fuel recovery (roadside)

If you have discovered the wrong fuel at the roadside, that will be either through recall or finding the vehicle is getting sluggish and sometimes it just stops. In this case we will firstly assess your situation by phone to ascertain your safety and the best procedures to follow to ensure your safety. Our closest technician will contact you ASAP to give you a time frame. Upon arrival your situation will be assessed by using our Van to protect your vehicle. We will then cone off any danger areas. Your auto technician will then proceed to DRAIN THE WRONG FUEL.

Environmentally approved disposal

All contaminated fuel removed from your vehicle is disposed of safely, under strict environmental controls which completely expose the line of chain movement of your wrong fuel.

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