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Frequently asked questions

Am I insured for this?

Most policies will not cover for this unless a specific clause is written into the contract.

I have contacted my breakdown company and they say they can fix the problem, but that they have to clean injectors and the fuel pump and a full diagnostic needs to be done. What's this about?

Yes, they can fix the problem and they will charge more than double what we charge. In very extreme cases this would need to be done, but in most cases it is totally unnecessary, providing we can drain the tank completely. Re-filling the tank with correct fuel will dilute any residue so as to make it safe.

Can this damage my car?

Yes it will. Putting petrol or unleaded into Diesel will stop necessary lubrication of vital equipment and cause permanent damage. It will also cause pre-detonation in the cylinders of the motor. You will hear a rattling sound and that’s harming the pistons and valves. The exhaust gases from wrong-fuelling can also harm the catalytic converter and probably the main damage will be done to the high pressure fuel pump which requires the Diesel to lubricate it's system.  

Putting Diesel into a Petrol or Unleaded car also has dire effects as the Diesel will not burn off during normal combustion, will foul the plugs and work it's way into the oil lubrication system reducing it's effect and causing very fast deterioration of all moving parts  

Are there any hidden charges?

The price quoted is what's paid, no more, the only extra charge would be for fuel which we carry and we charge at services prices.  We do recommend at some stage that you put into your tank cleaning additives and we carry recommended brands, but that's your choice.  Be wary of operators undercutting mainstream prices, most do manage to get their charges up and you're the one that pays.

I've put the wrong fuel in my car. What do I do?

Do not start your car or turn the ignition on, if you have then do not worry as we can still recover your car without harm by flushing the system.  Remove yourself from the vehicle to a safe place within the service station forecourt to use your mobile phone.  This would be either inside the kiosk or on the footpath.  Phone us on free-phone 0800 999 5583 or mobile 07947 813449.  Our competent customer services team will run you though the procedures to ensure your safety and advise you on a speedy recovery which will normally be in about 40 minutes.

How much wrong fuel is it safe to get away with, if I fill up with the right fuel?

Motoring associations and many vehicle dealerships advise that any contaminated fuel can cause problems, and should be drained rather than being topped up. They have a “zero-tolerance” policy. Diesel has lubricating qualities for parts such as fuel pumps, whereas petrol removes oils which these parts require. Diesel does not burn off in a petrol car and will work its way into the vehicle’s oil supply, thereby diluting it and reducing its effectiveness, which could lead to complete engine seizure and failure. Engine management systems, fuel pipes, injectors, cylinders and catalytic converters can also be damaged by wrong fuel. Taking this advice into consideration the answer would be: How much “wrong” fuel can I get away with – None. The risk to the vehicle generally outweighs the cost involved in correcting it.

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