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"This is not a product which we just put into your fuel tank and hopes that it makes a difference; this is a complete service for the inside of your engine."

Terraclean For Your Car  

Fuel Rectifiers Ltd brings to you the latest, proven technology in fuel and engine efficiency.

As a follow through service from decontaminating your fuel system we are able to offer Terraclean which will totally clean out your engine.

If you have driven your car or even turned the key on you have allowed wrong fuel to enter your fuel system, which has these adverse effects:

Petrol or unleaded into a diesel car

Petrol or unleaded contains Benzine which attacks and destroys cardboard filters, so it is imperative that your filter be changed post wrong fuelling, preferably after refilling your tank completely twice, this will allow for any residue to have been removed from the system through dilution.

You may find that your car runs slightly better if it is an older model, the reason being that the Benzine has partially removed a natural build up of varnish/carbon on the injectors.  This is a temporary effect only as the Benzine has scarred the injectors minutely allowing carbon to attach to these cavities.  Once carbon attaches to the injectors this will attract more and very soon your engine will become inefficient and not combust correctly.  This will cause poor starting, harsh idle, power loss and less mpg.  It will also create higher emission levels which will effect your health and M.O.T. status.  Terraclean will completely remove all varnish and carbon deposits from the injectors.

Diesel into an unleaded or petrol car

Diesel contains oil, which if combusted incorrectly creates carbon from the burn and will allow carbon build-up throughout your engine and causing extra load on the catalytic converter through a build-up of unspent fuel and carbon.  This will cause poor performance, pre-ignition which can blow pistons and valves, poor starting abilities and an increase in emission levels effecting your health and M.O.T. status.


Terraclean procedure

Terraclean is a procedure which removes carbon deposits from the injectors through to the tip of the exhaust including the C.A.T. These carbon deposits have a negative effect on efficiency which Terraclean will restore.

Once restored, this will:

  • Restore fuel economy – some owners have experienced up to 6 mpg greater
  • Regain vehicle performance – the car will be more responsive, some cars have gained an extra 5 BHP
  • Smooth idle by increasing lambda efficiency
  • Quieter running
  • Saves on costly repairs by prolonging component life
  • Gives immediate drive away difference
  • Gives better cold starting
  • Less smoke from the exhaust.

How does all this happen?

This is not a product which we just put into your fuel tank and hopes that it makes a difference; this is a complete service for the inside of your engine. We disconnect your fuel supply and hook ours up to the engine and then run it on our fuel supply which is highly refined fuel, this attacks the carbon build up, eliminating it. The procedure takes about an hour and we come to you.

We have completely separate systems for petrol and diesel engines.

Petrol Fuel based cleaning which cleans from and including your injectors (injection engines) to your catalytic convertor and O2 sensors will restore economy, increase performance and lower emissions.

Diesel Fuel based cleaning which cleans from your pump & injectors into your combustion chamber and also passively cleans the EGR valve, Turbo.

Benefits of Terraclean on your engine

The side effect of burning carbon based fossil fuels in your engine is carbon builds up inside affecting your engine performance.


Dirty injectors can’t atomise the fuel finely enough for a good clean combustion and dispels unburnt fuel out through the exhaust and burns inside the catalytic converter, shortening the life and increasing higher hydrocarbon emission levels.
Terracleaning fuel injectors will remove the varnish and carbon from the injector tips and intake valves allowing for a good clean combustion, reducing octane requirement and improving idle and drive-ability.

Oxygen sensors

Terraclean will remove the carbon build-up on the O2 sensors. These sensors send information to the ECU which controls fuel mixture, air flow rate. Dirty sensors will give wrong information to the ECU and unnecessarily alter settings which will give poor performance, poor fuel economy and excess pollution. Terraclean will remove varnish and carbon from the sensors thereby increasing restoring fuel economy and regaining performance.

Proper vehicle maintenance should never be overlooked. De-carbonisation can increase fuel economy by 4-15% however fixing a faulty sensor may increase as much as 40%.
Catalytic converter.

The Terraclean procedure will clean the combustion areas, valves and injectors thereby ensuring an efficient combustion, ensuring that all fuel is burnt and not wasting it into the Catalytic converter. This will decrease the load on the converter and prolong its life.

History of Terraclean

TerraClean is a technology developed by a group of scientists in Canada. They were commissioned by the Canadian government to develop a zero emissions engine. They did manage to achieve this goal, but the technology involved and the fuel used to achieve this would necessitate an increase to the price of the vehicles, due to the need to retro fit a "reactor" which molecularly alters the state of the fuel. That increase in cost coupled with the cost of the highly refined fuel, developed for the project, which would retail at over £40 per litre, rendered the concept non-viable to introduce into the cars motorist drive.

All such engineering projects demand close attention to the condition of the test vehicles being used. The engineering inspections carried out in this project clearly demonstrated that the process was not only not developing carbon build up, usually associated with all internal combustion engines, in fact it was removing pre-existing carbon previously built up in the engines as well as other deposits which usually build up particularly from use of lower grade/quality fuels.

So whilst the Zero Emissions vehicle project was set aside the technology was taken in a different direction and the concept of TerraClean Decarbonisation equipment was developed. This has proven very successful with over 13,000 machines in operation in the North American market, mainly in franchised dealer workshops. Whilst quite new to the UK marketplace already the technology is proving its value to private owners and fleet operators alike, who are both saving money by reduced fuel costs and lowering their emissions. Essentially by taking a vehicle back to its level of cleanliness not long after being new the efficiency and performance are improved.

TerraClean is a unique decarbonisation technology which makes a significant improvement to the Emissions, MPG and Driveability/Performance of your vehicle.The technology applies to Motorcycles, Cars (Petrol & Diesel), Vans, Trucks, Motorboats, Agricultiral vehicles and Plant and Machinery.

We advise a Terraclean service every 10,000 miles or once a year, whichever comes first.

Want a Real Tune up? Terraclean it!!


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